A No Border camp in Brussels

European associative network founded in 2000, No Border fights for freedom of movement between different countries and more particularly against immigration control policies within the Shengen Area. No Border fights for the regularization of illegal foreigners and the closure of administrative detention centers.

Every summer, the network organizes camps of several days near the borders. In France, the network was represented until 2005 by the Collectif anti-expulsion (CAE). A No Border camp was organized in Strasbourg in August 2002. Following this gathering, a French activist

  • among others – was charged with violence and incarcerated for several weeks.

In 2004, the No Border network organized the first international day of action Europe Without Borders for the regularization of “undocumented migrants”, the opening of borders: this action was followed in 50 cities in 11 European countries.

In June 2009, the No Border network organized a camp in Calais with the aim of highlighting the situation of migrants who live in this city in extreme poverty while waiting to reach England.

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