The Leopold II tunnel will change its name!

Today, only 6.1% of the streets in Brussels are named after a woman. This is hardly representative of the social role of women in the city, past and present.

Now that the renovation of the Leopold II tunnel is nearing completion, the Region is also launching a process to change its name. As soon as the night work is completed (last phase underway until mid-2021), the tunnel will reopen completely and under its new name.

The Region has surrounded itself with a committee of experts and the inhabitants of Brussels have been able to propose a new name via this site.

On the basis of all the proposals collected, a committee of experts will draw up a list of names from which the inhabitants of Brussels will be able to choose. After this vote, which will take place soon, the new name will be announced.

The committee of experts is composed of members of women’s rights organizations and members of associations specialized in the decolonization of the public space (Hand in Hand Against Racism and Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte contre les Discriminations) as well as two academic leaders.

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